Changing Input Source on Chinese (Mandarin) TVs

So, say you’re travelling in Taiwan, and you’ve got yourself a Roku Stick, (Chromecast, Fire TV, Miracast Dongle, etc), and you’ve finally (blindly) plugged it into the back of the wall mounted flatscreen TV in your hotel room, and now you just want to change the input source for the TV so you can start watching things from the device you just (struggled) to plug in, but you’re faced with controls on the TV and Remote Control that are all in Mandarin, and don’t have the familiar arrow-pointing-into-a-curved-rectangle icon that you’re used to. Well, you could do what I did and hit every single button until you find the one that changes the input source (and in the mean time, accidentally change a bunch of other settings on the TV), or you can read on below to see what button to press.

Look for a button labeled with these characters on the TV or Remote

Pronounciation: shūrù xuǎnzé
Translation: input select

Sometimes it’s just 輸入 which means “input”. Rotate through the HDMI inputs until whatever you’ve plugged into the TV shows up, and enjoy!